Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring has sprung

The sunny weather is here at last and the great outdoors is calling. Inspiration is everywhere, in the colours, the photograph opportunities and the general uplifting mood which spring gives us.

The recent cybercrop weekend was a great success with many people logging on over the weekend to take advantage of the tutorials, games and challenges. There was some video chat going on as well which due to the time difference I wasn't able to participate in (past my bed time).

The new site is well and truly underway now with already quite alot of members. The old design team is still with us, Theresa, Sharon, Tracy and Rita and over the coming weeks I'll be featuring them here.

I've posted the new bingo words for May so if you go to the site you can choose 25 words from the list and e-mail them to me by sunday the 3rd and I'll start calling them on monday 4th.

There is a new challenge up and at the beginning of May there'll be a new monthly sketch challenge.

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